Chanda Re (Oh Moon)

"Mommy, I want to see the moon".
That's what my three year old daughter Imaan says to me every night as soon as it is dark outside. Then we go to the window and look to see where it is and what the shape of it is that night. She is always pleased when we spot it and exclaims happily "I see it Mommy, I see it, tonight it's a crescent shape!". And I always smile and say very good honey and think to myself, how sweet when kids are so young and innocent that the sight of something as ordinary as the moon gives them such pleasure. That's just one of the things that makes children so special, the ability to appreciate things we take for granted. 
     I remember when I was a child, there was a window seat in my bedroom and I used to sit there at night and look up at the moon and think about all the things I wanted to do someday and how life seemed full of endless possibilities.  I miss that feeling. For a long time I thought of it as a pleasure only afforded t…

The Way Too Social Network

I hate Facebook. There, I said it. I really really REALLY hate it!
Whew! That felt great............

     Why do I hate Facebook? First of all, I feel like I was forced to join. No, there wasn't a gun held up against my head. I was a happy member of Orkut for a few years. I was pretty crazy about Orkut, jumping on my computer as soon as I got home from work to read my latest scraps, (wall posts for you Facebook freaks) checking out friend requests, looking for interesting communities to join. I made a lot of friends there too. Then one day I noticed my friend Omar posted this little note "Facebook is better".

     That was the beginning of the end. Slowly all my friends started leaving Orkut. So I joined too so I could stay connected. But I never felt like I was having as much fun as I did with Orkut. There is way too much random crap on Facebook. I don't like that when I open my home page I have to read that Alison and Jessica shared a link or Cynthia liked Carlo…

Orkut, It's Been A Long Time....

It's because of Steve I ended up writing this post. I used to be crazy about Orkut, the way most of the world is about Facebook today I suppose. I joined it in the first place because my friend Amir in Iran sent me the invite. I wish I never deleted my account, because like Steve wrote, lots of memories stored in there. I started thinking about the friends I made in Orkut, most of whom I've been sadly out of touch with. It's my fault mostly. Life in front of us tends to get busy and it's easy to to say "Oh, I'll try and chat tomorrow", "I'll send an email next week.

     Joining Orkut changed my life in many ways. Not just because I made new friends in different countries. Most of what I knew (or thought I knew) about those countries I learned from watching the news, or just common stereotypical thinking many Americans like myself are raised with. I ended up traveling to India to meet some Orkut friends and I had a great time. As a matter of…

An Open Letter To God

Dear God,
I got the idea to write you a letter when I recently reread the book “The Color Purple”, but I think You already may know that. I have been told that You see and know everything that happens to everyone, and although I could never imagine how You do that, I guess that’s just one of the many powers You possess. I’ve been thinking a great deal about religion lately, and the fact that I don’t officially subscribe to a a particular one sometimes makes me worry if this disappoints or angers You. I’ve always felt this way somewhat, but have been thinking about it more and more lately, especially since I’m going to be spending the rest of my life with my boyfriend who happens to be a Muslim. We’ve already decided that our children will also be Muslims, and as a Christian and fellow “Person of the Book”, this is of course acceptable, but what about me? It’s not necessary for me to convert, but I keep wondering if this is the right decision to make. Because you see Sir, (is it proper…

No Car, No Problem

I have to say I love not having a car anymore. In the past two and a half months I'v lived in Queens I've become quite accustomed to the NY transit system. Every morning I hop on the F Train, put my feet up, and sip my coffee while someone else does the driving. No traffic, no searching in vain for a parking spot. Love it. I admit to being a bit spoiled, because I work the 4 am shift, I usually get an empty subway car, save for the random drunks and homeless people, but usually they are fast asleep. When I go out at night, I'm horrerfied by the crush of people smashed into the cars. There's barely a free pole to hold onto, and although at every stop people get off seems like twice as many get on. I'm so glad I don't have to face that on a daily basis.

The best part about not having a car anymore is that I get so much more exercise. I believe having a car makes the best of us a bit lazy. I got my first car when I was eighteen and it was only when I got rid of it…

Finding Myself Again....

Recently I realized I had lost myself in a way. Talking to Amit the other day he made a good point that had me thinking for a while. "Jen, lately all you think about is ShahidShahidShahid and apartment apartment apartment". And he's absolutely right. My mind has been totally preoccupied whilst I have been neglecting other things in my life that have always been so important such as:
1. Keeping in touch with friends.
2. Working on my novel
3.The Gym and healthy eating plan
4. Blogging and reading my blogger friends posts.
In many other conversations he had also pointed out that I have not been proactive enough in pursuing new friendships at work. Well, I have found a few people I really like and want to be closer friends with, but I in my own defense I must say that living on Long Island and hanging out with friends in Queens and Manhattan is not so convenient on a Saturday night when I have to take the train back and forth and wake up the next day at 3am for work. But Amit…

Apartment Hunting By The 7 Train

Apartment hunting in New York in the month of December is not fun. I spent five hours yesterday wandering around Jackson Heights with bitter cold wind whipping me in the face, warming up briefly only when I reached my destinations, ducked into a cafe for a hot chocolate, or jumping on the 7 train. Riding the 7 train itself is a great way to see the mix of cultures that New York is famous for. People of every description and ethnicity are there, holding on for balance as the train rumbles along, jerking to a stop every few streets. Each stop itself brings you to a new neighborhood dominated by a certain culture. I had four places to look at yesterday, all located within walking distance of the 7 train. As someone who is going to ditch her car when she moves to Queens, the walk to the subway is definitely something to consider. I work the 4am shift and I don't want to have a 20 minute walk to the train, as buses don't run reliably until around 6 am. My first stop was 69th street…